Season 2 - World TourEdit

  1. At The Rodeo - The band visits a Texas rodeo after being invited by a ranch owner. (10-21-2007)
  2. A Wonderful Time In France - The band are in hot pursuit of a monster wearing a beret in Paris, France. (10-22-2007)
  3. The Italian Way - The band visits Italy. (11-2-2007)
  4. The Monster Tangle - The band visits Argentina and learn a new dance move; the monster tangle. (11-5-2007)
  5. Here In Australia - The band visits Australia after receiving fan mail from Joey. (11-4-2007)
  6. In India - The band visits India (12-2-2007)
  7. Siesta, Siesta - The band enters the soccer stadium in Spain to play soccer.
  8. Konichiwa! - The band travels to Tokyo, Japan to see their pen pal, Akito and learn how to say hello in Japanese. (1-2-2008)
  9. Yin & Yang - The band shops Hong Kong and meets Yin and Yang. (
  10. London Town - Since their own bus has a flat tire, the band had to take a double-decker bus to go the Buckingham Palace to perform for the Queen of the United Kingdom

World Tour CharactersEdit

  • Akito- is the band's pen pal in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Joey- is a kangaroo in Sydney, Australia.
  • Dwight - is a giant Italian monster who is often hungry.
  • Ravi - is a monster from India.